Saturday, 4 September 2010

Mat Smith's Island retreat

Barry Island Beach
 Barry Island (Fact: Not actually a Island) known for the log flume, Gavin and Stacey, fish and chip shops, arcades, bad weather and Matt Smith. Hold on MATT SMTH!  That's right the stalkers at The Sun newspaper  have revealed that Matt Smith and his girlfriend Daisy Lowe are renting out a £8,000-a-month property down Barry Island.

"Matt used to use a flat in Cardiff. But he's found this new place because Daisy will be spending a lot of time with him," a source said.

"The property is amazing, it is the perfect place for a loved-up couple... We've even had a mention of a secret wine cellar."

The Island has also been used for filming Doctor Who episodes Delta and the Bannermen and The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances and The Sarah Jane Adventures episodes The Mad Woman in the Attic. If you see Matt and his partner Daisy Lowe tucking into some of Boofy's chips or paddling in the murky waters let me know. 

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