Saturday, 4 September 2010

Jane Espenson on Torchwood Series 4

Jane Espenson
 Jane Espenson is well known to fans of the Sci Fi genre writing for hit shows such as Buffy and Battlestar Galactica and her latest show to add to her impressive CV is Torchwood and she is writing 3 of the 10 episodes.“I’m thrilled to say I was invited,” she told Blastr. “My agent told me about it very casually; I was already busy at the time, and he thought I’d want to decline, but I jumped in fast to say I absolutely wanted to participate.” She also added , “We’ve already changed the name of at least one character that was announced in the press. And there’s nothing to stop us from changing more—so if you hear anything, even if it was true at some point, it probably isn’t anymore. So the more you learn about Torchwood, the less you know.” Maybe they changed Oswald Jone's name. The last thing we need is yet another Jones. Series 4 is allegedly called The New World and will air on BBC and Starz mid next year.

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