Monday, 6 September 2010

The Sarah Jane Adventures Promo Picture

The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4 promo pic has been revealed and shows Sarah Jane, Luke, Rani, Clyde and monsters Androvax, a Shansheeth, a Dark Hoard and a Graske. It is thought the series will begin on the 11th of October on BBC and CBBC.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Sarah Jane Series 4 Trail

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Mat Smith's Island retreat

Barry Island Beach
 Barry Island (Fact: Not actually a Island) known for the log flume, Gavin and Stacey, fish and chip shops, arcades, bad weather and Matt Smith. Hold on MATT SMTH!  That's right the stalkers at The Sun newspaper  have revealed that Matt Smith and his girlfriend Daisy Lowe are renting out a £8,000-a-month property down Barry Island.

"Matt used to use a flat in Cardiff. But he's found this new place because Daisy will be spending a lot of time with him," a source said.

"The property is amazing, it is the perfect place for a loved-up couple... We've even had a mention of a secret wine cellar."

The Island has also been used for filming Doctor Who episodes Delta and the Bannermen and The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances and The Sarah Jane Adventures episodes The Mad Woman in the Attic. If you see Matt and his partner Daisy Lowe tucking into some of Boofy's chips or paddling in the murky waters let me know. 

Jane Espenson on Torchwood Series 4

Jane Espenson
 Jane Espenson is well known to fans of the Sci Fi genre writing for hit shows such as Buffy and Battlestar Galactica and her latest show to add to her impressive CV is Torchwood and she is writing 3 of the 10 episodes.“I’m thrilled to say I was invited,” she told Blastr. “My agent told me about it very casually; I was already busy at the time, and he thought I’d want to decline, but I jumped in fast to say I absolutely wanted to participate.” She also added , “We’ve already changed the name of at least one character that was announced in the press. And there’s nothing to stop us from changing more—so if you hear anything, even if it was true at some point, it probably isn’t anymore. So the more you learn about Torchwood, the less you know.” Maybe they changed Oswald Jone's name. The last thing we need is yet another Jones. Series 4 is allegedly called The New World and will air on BBC and Starz mid next year.

Bernard Cribbins on 'Would I lie to you?'

Bernard Cribbins is awesome Truth or a Lie?
TV Legend Bernard Cribbins (Wilfred Mott) appeared on the BBC One comedy panel show 'Would I Lie To You?' yesterday and if you missed it you can watch it here on BBC iPlayer for 7 days. The guests must try to and convince the other team to believe their story but it can be true or a complete lie.  Rob Brydon is the host, the team captains are David Mitchell and Lee Mack and other guests are Patrick Kielty, Deborah Meaden, Mark Watson and Davros. One of those may be a lie. 

First Look at David Tennant in 'Fright Night'

Fright Night Movie Poster
When David Tennant left the role that made him a hosehold name he knew it would be a risk to leave such a secure job. But since leaving it looks like those worries were unfounded as he has filmed a pilot show in the US called 'Rex is Not your Lawyer' (which wasnt picked up), starring in a BBC Drama Single Father and has filmed a movie the 'Decoy Bride'. Now he is to star in a remake of Fright Night the 1985 Tom Holland film as vampire killer, Peter Vincent. The film is expected for a late 2011 release and will also star Colin Farrell, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Anton Yelchin and Imogen Poots.

Who tour inspired by classic story

Vorgenson concept art.
 It has been revealed that the upcoming Doctor Who Live tour is inspired by the 1973 Third Doctor adventure Carnival of Monsters.“We’ve created a brand new character – called Vorgenson (played by Nigel Planer) – but it is a character who grows out of Carnival Of Monsters,” Doctor Who Live director Will Brenton said to SFX. “All of its genealogy grows out of that episode. And the fans who spotted that reference will enjoy how it happens.” He continued "When I first came aboard this project, it was a project very akin to the Prom offering, And what I thought we needed to do was bring this space alive a lot more, by making it a narrative that takes place in real time, in that Arena at the moment. Which is what we’ve done." Doctor Who Live is on tour across the UK from Friday 8 October  for ticket information, visit


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